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Academy Of Kali and Wing Chun

Teaching real world self defense for 20 years

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JKD (Jeet Kune Do)

Founded in the United States by Bruce Lee, Jeet Kune Do is truly an American self defense system, its early origin were in Wing Chun Kung Fu. Added to this were the western martial arts of Fencing, Boxing and Wrestling. It also borrowed throws and locks from Jujitsu. It is not a mixed martial art because it has a central set of theories that new techniques are sifted thru to see if they are compatible with Jeet Kune Do. In its essence Jeet Kune Do seeks simplicity and efficiency






Wing Chun

This is a practical self-defense method from China. The apparent simplicity of this system can disguise the devastating power and speed behind its subtle techniques. These include trapping hands, fast low kicks, and joint manipulations as well as utilizing powerful strikes.

Wing Chun is a system based on strong scientific principles, practitioners move in close to their opponents and limit their arms/legs movements so they can deliver powerful strikes to the head or body or use their position to trap or over balance their opponent.Wing Chun teaches a unique understanding of body mechanics and position rather than brute force or strength. It is a perfect style for men, women, or children no matter their body type. This is one of the base styles that make up our Jeet Kune Do training.


Kali/Filipino Martial Arts

The Filipino Martial Arts are primarily thought of as weapons based, but there are also empty hand techniques which are taught as well which include punching, elbows, knees, sweeping, throwing and grappling. Through the use of various drills, you will learn how to use several styles of weapons in fighting. Of all the martial arts systems available today, the Filipino Martial Arts offer some of the most interesting and easily understood ways to overcome the physical and emotional barriers involved when facing an opponent armed with a weapon. Classes present a variety of different techniques used in disarming and striking with a weapon.

The training method provides a physical and psychological challenge. Once you have practiced the motions we try to help you open your mind to the possibilities that can occur in both armed and unarmed confrontations, and how the techniques can be used in both situations. This is one of the base styles that we use in our grappling method.



Tai Chi and Chi Gong

Tai Chi Chuan is a martial art and health exercise practiced in China for many hundreds of years. Over time there has evolved different interpretations or methods of Tai Chi each valid in its own way. The method of Tai Chi that we mainly offer here is the Simplified Sun Style Tai Chi method. The emphasis in this class is on breathing and continuous slow movement. The movements are supposed to be practiced until they become natural and that you can more easily use the movements in your everyday life.

Chi Gung is the breath work or breathing part of Chinese martial arts and healing systems. It is used to help reenergize the body and mind, by using gentle movements with precise breathing techniques, in many ways you could think of this as the Chinese equivalent to the Indian practice of Yoga. There is a large amount of Chi Gung techniques in Tai Chi, but there is also some inside of the Wing Chun Kung Fu system that we offer also.

Tai Chi is arguably the most practiced style of Chinese Martial Arts in the world; the other contender for this title is Wing Chun Kung Fu.